Our big data analytics solution for Capital Markets and FX

Capital Markets and FX trading firms are constantly looking for ways to make faster, better-informed decisions for themselves and their clients. At smartTrade, we are committed to responding to the demand for increased investment in advanced technology and smart data solutions. Our analytics solution is using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology to help banks optimize their trading and distribution businesses to generate the best returns.


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Customer Analytics

smartTrade’s analytics solution with real-time monitoring allows you to detect changes in market activity, customer trading patterns, and unusual behavior generating alerts and notifications. Users can export reports and extract and query the underlying data.

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vast amounts of data efficiently, historical and real-time

Obtain insights

about your trading & your clients


your clients like never before


to new or unusual client behavior

Analyze, report and visualize

client trading activity

Leverage big data technologies

process vast amounts of data live in real-time

Holistic Client Management

across different lines of business

Leverage real time trading activity

across different asset classes

Liquidity Providers Analytics

Our analytics solution allows you to engage effectively with the best mix of liquidity venues to ensure the best deal. By applying our AI technology to Capitals Markets and FX volume data, you can perform meaningful analysis on a more frequent basis.

Establish the best time to trade

by detecting potential price movements and depth of liquidity

Calibrate trading strategies in real time

based on changes in market activity, to increase profitability and reduce risk

Track, measure, compare and predict

liquidity provider performance

Gain a better understanding

of the strengths and weaknesses of liquidity sources

TCA capabilities

Allow to qualify and quantify transactions per trade with counterparties


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