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Dare, Innovate, Excel

We strive to shape an equitable and inclusive culture that fosters diversity, excellence, and innovation by supporting talent and providing a fulfilling and rich employee experience.


Team spirit

Build positive and professional working relationships with colleagues. Demonstrate collaboration, support, and good communication across your team and other departments. Welcome new team members by integrating them into the team and company.


Understand your role and take personal responsibility for work, recognizing how it contributes to overall team goals and firm success. Demonstrate dedication to the role. Care about your individual and company performance.


Treat colleagues with respect and dignity. Be open-minded (respect different points of view) and inclusive (respect cultures, genders, ages, etc.).

Professional awareness

Adopt a professional approach in all interactions and contexts, recognizing the impact of behavior on team members, colleagues, and the firm. Consistently complete firm responsibilities.

Critical thinking

Address a subject with a broader perspective. Gather the correct information such as facts, data, and statistics to draw reasonable conclusions.

Ability to question yourself

Welcome constructive feedback, reflect and act accordingly.

Grow in a Positive Environment

Our people and culture make smartTrade a great place to work. Joining our smartTrade team means you will work in an international environment characterized by collaboration, innovation, and excellence. Everyone can develop their skills while being part of an agile culture, which provides ample space for initiative and the deployment of new challenging projects. We encourage employees to pursue their dreams and build a career through mobility, whether it is technical, functional or geographical.


Offices around the Globe

We are a leading provider of multi-asset electronic trading and payments platforms, with 280+ eTrading experts in 9 strategic locations :  Aix-en-Provence • Geneva • Istanbul • London • New York • Paris • Singapore • Tokyo • Toronto

Our People