smartFI, an innovative and flexible fixed income trading solution for Sell-sides & Buy-sides

smartTrade’s innovative technology allows financial firms to overcome their challenges around liquidity shortage and an increasing number of market makers and venues that are causing fragmentation in the market.
With smartFI you achieve better transparency, broader access to liquidity, higher trade efficiencies, and you fulfill your regulatory obligations.

Easy & rapid integration
Proven, reliable & innovative
Low latency solution
Open Architecture
Fully cross asset
Hosting & security

Key Functions

Connect easily to the fixed income market participants

➤ Low latency and high throughput connectors to any fixed income market

➤ All protocols supported

➤ Electronification of your trades, orders, quotes, requests for quotes (RFQs), indications of interest (IOIs), and more

➤ Access to multiple fixed income asset classes such as government bonds, corporate bonds, and interest rate swaps

Optimize liquidity taking and liquidity making

➤ Flexible market data aggregation across venues and price types (executable, firm, indicative, IOIs, axes, A2A)

➤ Advanced execution, including best execution reporting

➤ Support all types of execution types: order, order staging, RFQ, RFS, RFM, Lists, Portfolios, multi-legs

➤ Make liquidity (publish firm/indicative prices, answer A2A requests)

Specific Functions For Sell-sides & Buy-sides

Sell-sides: Differentiate yourself through our modular offering

• Order Management System
• Distribute prices via Single Dealer Platform (SDP) and Sales Trader Workflow (STW)
• Market Making
• Integrate your own pricing engine

Buy-sides: Obtain better prices and streamline your operations

• Execution Management system
• Integration with your OMS
• Straight Through Processing
• Consume and analyze a wide variety of pricing data such as regulatory prices, direct dealer pricing, historical prices, swap curves, and more

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