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smartTrade Technologies is a global provider of multi-asset electronic trading platforms. Headquartered in Aix-en-Provence, France, where the core of its research and development center is situated, smartTrade has subsidiaries in London, Paris, Geneva, Milan, Istanbul, New York, Toronto, Tokyo, and Singapore.
We contribute to the growth of our customers’ electronic trading business through our cost-efficient, technologically advanced, secure, private end-to-end SaaS solution.

Meet our Executive Team


David ensures that smartTrade’s teams are organized to offer our clients the best possible service. Having previously held the role of CTO, he understands the importance of aligning the technology team with the sales strategy to ensure client satisfaction.

David Vincent
CEO & Co-Founder

Michael is responsible for the running of all smartTrade’s field operations including sales, pre-sales, and client engagement. He brings a unique depth of operational experience and a firm commitment to customer success.

Michael Henssler
President and COO

Renaud leads the company's financial strategy, including management of financial risks, record-keeping, and financial reporting. He is also responsible for the legal and procurement operations.

Renaud Kerspern
Chief Financial Officer

Baha leads the regional business, driving smartTrade's growth in the American market whilst delivering smartTrade’s services and platforms to our customers.

Baha Ohcebol
President Americas

As Chief of Staff, Lara works closely with CEO David Vincent to implement and coordinate smartTrade’s projects and initiatives across the company. She is also responsible for leading smartTrade’s internal and external communications.

Lara Michel
COS & Head of Communication

Carine is responsible for the delivery of transformation projects and customer success strategies. By leading best-in-class integration processes to drive synergies, Carine ensures that optimum results are delivered.

Carine Denis
Chief Transformation Officer

Alex leads and defines smartTrade’s technology strategy. He manages the technology operations and the product strategy to ensure that the team provides a best-in-class client experience.

Alexander Culiniac
Chief Technology Officer

Elise oversees the management of Human Resources. Her team is key in supporting our business strategy and implementing appropriate transformations in both a local and global context.

Elise Van Der Schans
Chief Human Ressources Officer

Thibault is in charge of successfully implementing our customer projects to ensure their ongoing satisfaction.

Thibault Joly
Chief Customer Officer

Emmanuel is responsible for the delivery of smartTrade’s services and leads our global project delivery teams. He is responsible for both frontline impact and client satisfaction, including customer services and IT implementation projects.

Emmanuel Lorge
Chief Services Delivery

Renaud ensures that the organization, across all departments, conducts its business processes in compliance with laws and regulations, professional and international standards, and accepted business practices. This includes, but is not limited to, cyber-security or SOC2-like audits.

Renaud Lebrun
Chief Risk & Compliance Officer

smartTrade’s in-house hosted solutions support foreign exchange, fixed income, crypto and derivatives. With connectivity to 130+ liquidity providers, enabling tailored aggregation, smart execution, risk management, order management, analytics, payments and multi-channel distribution.

smartTrade supports a variety of regulated and un-regulated Financial Institutions.