Commercial Banking & Payments (CBP)

CBP, a versatile and powerful platform to deliver FX and payments solutions.

CBP provides a class-leading FX and payments platform with end-to-end functionality that enables banks to provide an integrated cross-border payment experience without compromise. Access liquidity and payment execution while presenting clients with a rich menu of FX and payments options that can be tailored to a wide range of users and use cases. CBP is designed to integrate cleanly and quickly with the infrastructure you have to enable the experiences your clients demand.

Easy & rapid integration
Proven, reliable & innovative
New FX Liquidity & Payment Execution
Open Architecture
High STP, Efficient staffing
Hosting & security

Key Functions

A better experience for FX and Payments

➤ Support all currencies, corridors, payment and execution types

➤ Integrated FX & payment delivery

➤ Link FX liquidity and payment routing

➤ Pre-trade, post-trade, and guided settlement streams.

A better fit for your infrastructure

➤ API integrations for FX, CIF, credit, deposit, & payment platforms.
➤ Credit and funding checks.

➤ Modern HTML5 interfaces and API delivery.

➤ Complete automation and high STP

A Complete Payments Experience With Deep FX Capabilities

Payments Functionality

● All payment types including domestic
● Templates, Post-dated, split, and bulk payments
● Payment fees
● Treasury-grade roles, controls, and separation of duties.

FX Functionality

● All execution types.
● Client, branch, and sales OBO trading
● Tailored pricing across client types, products and channels.
● Risk management tools: trade limits, dealer intervention, auto-cover.

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