Risk and Trading

Power your trading workflows with LiquidityFX’s advanced connectivity, tailored aggregation, smart execution, advanced risk management, and Order Management System trading solutions.


Access deeper liquidity​ for FX trading risk

We offer a wide range of connectivity to support trading and distribution workflows across all FX instruments.

Supporting connectivity to 130+ venues, smartTrade’s market-leading technology ensures compatibility with the latest venue capabilities, helping you to connect to new venues faster and more reliably.

Full electronic workflows
No LP/brokerage fees
Low latency
Co-location in London, New York & Tokyo
Fast development and delivery

Leverage one of the widest connectivity stacks supporting liquidity providers in the form of connectors to banks, exchanges, ECNs, non-banks, multi-bank platforms, and post-trade systems.


Reduce costs and protect liquidity provider relationships for risk and trading

Our comprehensive FX aggregation and smart order routing (SOR) solution enables you to leverage one of the widest connectivity hub offerings, with over 130 connectors to banks, exchanges, ECNs, and non-banks. Through a flexible GUI / API, normalize views of liquidity, place orders, and manage algos with smartTrade’s SOR.

Algorithmic execution
Customizable strategies
Smart execution
Best execution reporting

Improve your hit ratio, reduce your slippage and minimize your market impact thanks to our powerful SOR. Set up rules specifically defined for your organization, own your flow, and have full control over the execution process. You can also leverage our technology to internalize your liquidity and further reduce your cost while obtaining an exclusive competitive advantage.

Own your flow
Reduce hedging costs
Reduce slippage
Enhance your trading strategy

Risk Management

Control your trading risk effectively

smartTrade’s LFX clients can control their risk by managing their positions and capturing profitable trades. You can configure hedging rules or use our out-of-the-box auto-hedging of client trades to manage positions and skew, or check, their net open positions. You can use our fully integrated margin credit extension to allow your end clients to trade larger amounts, leveraging their cash margin, monitoring and managing risk coverage in real-time.

Granular client controls
Firm and last look pricing
Multiple risk routing rules
Margin credit module

Augment your risk management using rules that are configured by users. Automate flows and optimize execution avoiding excessive market impact. Protection mechanisms ensure data is sanitized before granular control of client liquidity, pricing, and risk is achieved via the configuration of specific rules. You can hedge risk via auto/manual/algo execution and adjust auto/manual hedging rules based on book/s inventory.

Mitigate risk and minimize market impact with algo execution
Optimize market execution through hedging
Manage Global Book and risk
Configure hedging by multiple parameters


Follow the sun OMS

smartTrade’s Order Management System allows seamless integration, aggregation, and exposure of both voice and e-orders across desks, regions, and trading platforms. Our OMS is provided as a standalone module or as a fully integrated part of the LiquidityFX end-to-end solution. You can manage a wide range of instruments including Spot, Forward, Precious Metals, Cryptos, Non-Deliverable Forwards (NDF), and Fixing Orders.


Automated/ manual book passing
Single, multi-leg, and complex algos orders
Order hub
Effective risk management
Reduction of market and compliance risk
Advanced HTML5 UIs
Open API capability

Our OMS can be fully integrated with smartTrade’s Client SDP, Sales GUI, MBP or operated as a standalone module via API. OMS can be slotted into existing infrastructure as a standalone without added complexity. HTML5-built GUIs allow for easy configuration possibilities within the actual workspace. Hedging and desk routing for risk and orders combined with a choice of acceptance rules that govern the client/sales experience enhances the solution and deliver proven cost-saving strategies that add to the bottom line.

Itsushi Morimoto, Executive Director, SBI Liquidity Market, said: “SBI has been utilizing smartTrade’s Connectivity, Aggregation and Distribution system for years to power our foreign exchange business [...] smartTrade has been the best kind of partner – one that adapts with the business, supporting our change and growth.”

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