Distribution and Payments

Control and distribute streaming prices to your clients and expand your reach with our extensive FX distribution and payments solutions.


smartTrade's solution for FX distribution and payments

Our state-of-the-art, scalable solution provides distribution to clients through SDPs, white-labeling, voice trading, MBPs (Multi Bank Platforms), or trading APIs. Featuring flexible margining capabilities and options, our solution offers a selection of tools to enable efficient and effective client segmentation, allowing banks to manage a broad range of clients across a wide range of platforms.

Time to market
Tailored prices
Business scalability
Optimized payments

➤  Offering you a complete range of FX products and payment types across a variety of platforms.

➤  Protecting you and your clients with a control framework.

➤  Complete trade and settlement workflows across the entire trade lifecycle.


Tailored workflows for all customer segments

smartTrade’s global payment solutions support all payment types with seamless integration to proprietary and vendor applications. Our tailored workflows and real-time data validation reduce errors and enhance STP automation, offering your clients an improved customer experience. New products and services can be developed and deployed quickly to enhance payment capabilities.

Maximize profitability
Grow revenue
Reduce total cost of ownership

Our modular API-based architecture has unparalleled flexibility, giving clients the ability to scale the solution that best fits their needs and integrates seamlessly into their operating model.  Our solution enables open banking and real-time payments fuelling the engine for short and long-term growth.

Deliver to new customer segments
Integrate API suite with applications
Hiroyuki Nakanishi, President of Asahi Pretec, explained, “Not only does smartTrade’s high quality proven technology comprehensively address our specific business needs, it also ensures a fast and quick time to market.”

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