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We provide total control over your eTrading and payments business

smartTrade Technologies is a leading global provider of multi-asset electronic trading and payments platforms, helping banks, brokers, buy side institutions, and corporates worldwide to achieve business growth through our cost-efficient, technologically advanced secure private SaaS end-to-end solutions.

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We provide an end-to-end multi-asset electronic trading and payments technology suite that is secure, reliable and scalable, to take control of your profitability. Our in-house hosted solution is connected to 130+ liquidity providers enabling tailored aggregation, smart execution, risk management, order management, analytics, payments and multi-channel distribution.

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Our Solutions


The most comprehensive solution in the FX market

Whether you are trading FX spot, forwards, swaps, NDFS or options, LiquidityFX gives you access to the tools and data you need from liquidity access to straight-through processing.

Commercial Banking & Payments

A versatile and powerful platform to deliver FX and payments solutions. 

CBP provides a class-leading FX and payments platform with end-to-end functionality that enables banks to provide an integrated cross-border payment experience without compromise. 


For powerful multi-asset big data analytics and reports

smartTrade Analytics helps sales and traders obtain new insights into their clients and LPs, presenting actionable outcomes to increase business value.


An innovative and flexible fixed income trading solution

smartFI allows sell-side and buy-side firms to automate workflows, meet regulatory requirements and obtain insights into their trading and that of their counterparties.

How we Operate

Meta Cloud

smartTrade’s meta cloud allows the seamless deployment of our solutions and services into our own Private Cloud or native Public Clouds. Datacenter colocation sites are in London LD4, LD7, New York NY2, NY4 and Tokyo TY3.


Scalability is built into smartTrade engines: growing is effortless, via horizontal and vertical scalability.

Ultra Low Latency

Our servers being collocated to the major liquidity providers, our clients benefit from ultra-low latency capabilities.

Business Continuity

smartTrade operates its own business continuity plan to support our clients. Disaster Recovery can be set up in a separate geographic region to manage a failover should the primary site fail completely.

Advanced Architecture

Cross-asset by design, our modular, technologically advanced, secure, private Saas end-to-end solution leverages open architecture to inject proprietary logic and integrate other applications through APIs.

SOC 2 Compliant

Successfully completing the SOC 2 - Type 2 audit guarantees our clients the usage of safe standardized procedures when handling their data and acknowledges smartTrade as a reliable and trusted partner.

High Availability

Built with industrial strength, redundancy and scalability, high availability is a fundamental design feature of smartTrade engines: failover is seamless.

Integration APIs

With the development of Integration APIs using standard APIs and dependencies injection, LiquidityFX allows easy integration to customers systems and other solutions.

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