Join Our Podcast: Exploring smartTrade Technologies’ Client Value Philosophy with our Deputy COO and Director of PreSales & Marketing.

Join us for an exciting and informative podcast in which Larry Levy from e-Forex interviews Carine Denis, our Deputy COO, and John Stead, our Director of PreSales and Marketing. In this podcast, we’ll be discussing smartTrade Technologies‘ core philosophy of client value and how it sets us apart in the industry.

We believe that providing rich and relevant functionality is just the beginning. Building deep relationships and prioritizing our clients’ needs are crucial to our success. During the podcast, Carine and John will highlight our flagship platform, LiquidityFX, as a perfect example of this approach.

They will share how LiquidityFX has been designed not only to meet the needs of our clients, but to exceed their expectations by delivering a high ROI, fast delivery, and an unmatched level of support. We’ll also delve into our approach to anticipating client requirements, providing priority treatment to the client relationship, and delivering maximum value to our clients through a multifaceted approach. We strive to set high standards in the market and focus on delivering value to our clients. So tune in to this podcast to learn more about smartTrade’s client-focused approach and how it sets them apart in the industry by providing exceptional value to their clients. Listen to the podcast here.