Selva’s Path to Scrum Certification: Elevating Teamwork and Service

Jumping into the Scrum training was a practical step forward for me. The most valuable takeaway was seeing my initial understanding of Scrum confirmed and enhanced by experts. It was also great to hear different perspectives from fellow trainees.

In our Professional Services team at smartTrade, we’ve always leaned towards Scrum, but now we’re stepping up our game. We’re incorporating more Scrum techniques, like detailed retrospectives and reviews, to see what’s working and what’s not. This approach has definitely improved how we manage tasks and support our clients.

Communication and teamwork have seen a big boost thanks to Scrum. Regular stand-up meetings keep us aligned, even when our manager can’t be there. Breaking down complex projects into manageable parts has made a huge difference, allowing us to support each other and tackle challenges more effectively. Continuous improvement is key for us. We track our progress using story points and client feedback, which helps us adjust and improve constantly.

The support from smartTrade in pursuing professional development has been very good. They’ve made it easy for me to access further training and certifications, which not only benefits my career but also enhances how we handle projects as a team. For example, I’m dedicated to carrying on learning through smartTrade’s Talent Development Program to obtain my AI certification and remain updated on the latest project management trends.

I’m excited to keep growing, and I’m looking forward to seeing where this journey takes me.

Selva Pandian SAKTHI MOHAN

Software Engineer