Jean Louis’ Onboarding Experience: Building Connections and Skills

Starting at smartTrade was both smooth and welcoming. My initial conversations with the leadership and technical teams provided a solid foundation, but it was the warm and fun reception from my colleagues that truly facilitated my quick integration.

From day one, the straightforward and productive exchanges with the team made me feel right at home, embodying smartTrade’s collaborative culture.

One of the highlights was spending a week in Paris for the quarterly business review. This opportunity allowed me to engage personally with all the members of the Executive Leadership Team, which was invaluable for feeling integrated and valued right from the start.

The company culture at smartTrade is strong, and the shared values among the team made it easy for me to adapt. The level of engagement, agility, and professionalism I encountered was impressive, reflective of a commitment to excellence that you’d typically see in larger organizations.

Overall, my onboarding experience at smartTrade struck the right balance between a highly professional culture and a strong and omnipresent human dimension, making for a positive and motivating start to my exciting journey with the company.

Jean-Louis TO

Chief Information Security Officer