Transforming Skills and Shaping Careers: Lara’s PMP certification

“In my over seven years at smartTrade, my career has been an exhilarating adventure, marked by diverse roles and escalating responsibilities. I embarked on this journey in London as a Marketing Manager, evolving into the Head of Marketing and Head of Communication. The most transformative opportunity came when I was appointed as Chief of Staff, managing an array of transversal projects at the executive level.
To bolster my skills and knowledge for this role, smartTrade supported me in pursuing the PMI training for PMP certification. The months of study culminated in my successful certification, which not only enhanced my comfort in handling complex projects but also ingrained valuable reflexes for my day-to-day responsibilities. Post-certification, I embraced an additional role as Corporate Program Manager, alongside my Chief of Staff duties. This progression is a testament to the nurturing and empowering environment at smartTrade, where opportunities for growth and learning are not just available, but are actively encouraged and supported.”

Lara Michel
COS and Corporate Program Manager