smartTrade’s Private Cloud Expands to Zürich

smartTrade Technologies is pleased to announce the successful expansion of its Private Cloud offering to Zürich, Switzerland. This significant milestone enhances our infrastructure capabilities, broadening our global footprint and providing clients with increased resilience and geographical diversity.

Driven by strong client demand for enhanced hosting and disaster recovery capabilities in mainland Europe, this strategic initiative underscores our commitment to delivering exceptional service for critical trading and payments solutions.

In partnership with Equinix, the Zürich data centre extends the smartTrade Private Cloud hosting network, building on the foundations of the existing sites in London, New York, and Tokyo. “We are excited to enable smartTrade Technologies’ expansion of their Private Cloud offering to Zürich. This collaboration underscores our shared commitment to providing high-performance, secure, and resilient infrastructure solutions. We look forward to supporting smartTrade in delivering exceptional value to their clients worldwide,” said Michelle Lindeman, Director, Americas Communications, Equinix.

Clients using the smartTrade Private Cloud benefit from cutting-edge hardware optimization and support services, including ultra-low latency messaging to collocated liquidity providers and exchanges, high availability, scalability, and business continuity. To provide peace of mind for business-critical services, the service is also independently audited as part of our certified SOC 2 Type 2 accreditation.

Before deployment, state-of-the-art hardware is meticulously tuned and configured to ensure the lowest possible latency, meeting the specific requirements of our Trading (LiquidityFX – LFX) and Payments (Corporate Banking and Payments – CBP) solutions. Our Operations team expertly configures all networking equipment and servers to meet stringent technical specifications and security guidelines, ensuring exceptional cybersecurity and resilience. By precisely tuning services and hardware to meet the specific needs of our trading and payments solutions, smartTrade is able to offer unrivalled performance, security, and stability.

Remy Falco, Global Head of Infrastructure, smartTrade Technologies, commented, “This project highlights our dedication at smartTrade Technologies to provide a secure, efficient, and reliable trading and payment infrastructure for our clients worldwide. We are especially excited to add this new service providing local support to our clients based in the continental Europe region.”

All of smartTrade’s services are available using fully managed hosted and managed models; however, the adoption of such models is nuanced. Some clients prefer, or are compelled by local regulations, to host certain processes within their own infrastructure, specific jurisdictions, on private or public clouds.

As a response to customers needs, smartTrade offers MetaCloud hosting, a flexible deployment framework that enables clients to choose to host specific modules in-house, on the smartTrade Private Cloud, or on a public cloud provider of their choice. Clients have the choice to use the most appropriate technology to suit their precise needs. As a trusted technology partner, smartTrade will advise on deployment options but doesn’t dictate. This responsive approach ensures that clients can tailor their hosting strategies to meet their specific regulatory, performance, and operational needs, reinforcing smartTrade’s commitment to delivering adaptable and high-performance solutions.

For more information about smartTrade’s managed and hosted trading and payments solutions, please contact us.