Delivering Ultra-Low Latency for Real-Time Success with Asynchronous Messaging: Insights from Solace User Connect London

Authored by Eric Deshayes, Head of the Platform Product Business Group at smartTrade Technologies

As the Head of the Platform Product Business Group at smartTrade Technologies, I recently attended Solace User Connect 2024 in London. The event highlighted the increasing importance of real-time data processing and asynchronous messaging in the financial sector, both integral to smartTrade’s ongoing innovation and technological leadership.

Our solutions are built on a dynamic and evolving framework that has been refined over the years to incorporate the latest technologies. This approach ensures we meet the stringent and ever-changing demands of the financial markets. Our platform, inherently aligned with the principles of event-driven architecture (EDA), has continuously adapted to provide unparalleled real-time data processing capabilities, essential for immediate insights and rapid decision-making in finance.

At smartTrade, leveraging Solace technology has enabled us to achieve ultra-low latency, consistently maintaining sub-250µs door-to-door latency for live market data distribution across varying market conditions. This exceptional performance, from data ingestion to delivery, is underpinned by our advanced asynchronous messaging infrastructure, enabling us to offer real-time actionable insights and facilitate instant trade execution.

Our ultra-low latency capabilities empower our clients to:

  • Make Informed Decisions: Enhance decision-making processes with optimised client limit order processing, leading to improved execution and fill ratios.
  • Access Fresh Liquidity: Obtain immediate access to the freshest liquidity from banks, optimising trading flows and maximising execution opportunities.
  • Gain a Competitive Edge: Enable clients to outperform competitors consistently by reacting to market opportunities faster and reducing slippage.

Event-driven architecture remains a core focus of our research and development efforts, driving us to create even more efficient and reliable services around market data and trading flows. Our ongoing R&D initiatives include developing advanced tooling, monitoring, and reporting capabilities, all aimed at enhancing the overall customer experience.

The insights garnered at Solace User Connect 2024 reinforce the value of our technological investments and underscore our commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation. By harnessing asynchronous messaging, ultra-low latency, and the principles of EDA, smartTrade continues to lead in providing cutting-edge solutions that meet the real-time demands of today’s financial landscape.

Our commitment to innovation is reflected in tangible advancements and continuous enhancements to our technology stack, ensuring our clients benefit from the most reliable, efficient, and advanced trading solutions available.